What should you expect from your appointment with Safe in the Car? 

Do I need to do anything before my appointment? 

Car seat checks are more than just learning how to place your car seat in your vehicle. We will provide comprehensive education on all aspects of safety in and around vehicles and while traveling on airlines. We go over how to properly harness your child in the seat, how to adjust the seat, how to install the seat as well as how to clean and maintain the seat. 

Please make sure that the back of your car is clean and clear (vehicle seat & floorboard) of toys and food so that we have enough space to work and instruct you on the installation of your child’s car seat.

You will need your car seat, any accessories and attachments that came with it, the car seat instructions/manual, your vehicle owner's manual and the child who will be using the seat - unless they have yet to be born!  

If you have yet to purchase a car seat we will be happy to work with you to help choose an age, height and weight appropriate car seat for your child. 

Who needs to be present for the appointment? 

Any adult who regularly transports the child should be at the appointment so that they can also learn how to safely harness the child in the seat as well as how to properly install the seat in the vehicle. Imagine that Grandma has the child for the day and they go to the library.  When they go to leave, her car won't start so she calls a friend to pick them up, except neither of them know how to move the seat from one vehicle to the other. This is why it is important that all adults who travel with the child be present at the appointment. 


Your child also needs to be present for the appointment. If the child is not yet born we will bring an appropriately weighted newborn doll to practice harnessing. 

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