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Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructor (CPSTI) - #718376

Safe Travels for All Children - Special Needs Trained


I am mom to twin girls born in November 2012 but my passion for car seat/vehicle safety starts long before that.  I was in a roll-over collision when I was a new driver at just 17 years old.  I thankfully was wearing my seat belt because that coupled with the airbag is what saved my life. I wrote an essay about the accident and shared it with other young drivers. 
Later in life I became a nanny and a labor doula and my interest in babies, children and all things relating to them just grew.  I was always adamant that anyone in my car wore a seat belt and now I added car seats into the mix. 

When I was pregnant I looked into learning how to have my car seats properly installed only to find that there was no one certified in my current town to do so.  That was the start of my CPST journey.  It didn't come to fruition until my twins were several months old and I had seen so much misuse from other new moms that I knew I had to do something. I signed up for the CPST course and the rest as we say is history!

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